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#SWD Challenge MAR18 – The man who broke the 4 minute MILE barrier

Under the 4 min MILE

Interactive viz:
Roger Bannister | The man that broke the 4 min MILE barrier


For March Cole challenged the community in her #SWDchallenge project to a viz celebrating the humble BAR CHART.

What did I do?

Following the news of the passing of legend Sir Roger Bannister (3rd March 2018), I thought I would combine  and the #SWDchallenge with a topical viz showcasing the magnificent men that have since held the record of fastest man for the MILE distance.

The United Kingdom’s Sir Roger Bannister only held the record (03:59:400) for a matter of weeks, 6th May 1954 – 21st June 1954 when Australian John Landy set the new time of  03:58:000. Since the 4 minute barrier was smashed, 18 records and 13 men have improved on that 03:59 marker. The record is currently held by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco, with a staggering time of 03:43:130, some 16 seconds quicker than Bannister’s, and this time hasn’t been beaten since 1999.

The questions is; Can man run any quicker than this, or have we reached the physical limit of what the human body can do? Only time will tell! One thing is for sure, Sir Roger Bannister will always be the first athlete to go under the 4 minute barrier.



Cole’s fabulous monthly write up

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