TOP TRUMPS #SWDChallenge Oct18

Interactive viz:


A viz for #SWDChallenge.  Octobers challenge was all about the scatterplot.

Having spent a few days tediously hunting for a dataset with a couple of continuous variables, I had a light bulb moment! I remembered a totally unnecessary data crunching exercise I bashed out a few months ago, I manually entered all the details from deck of TOP TRUMPS into excel to work out which Superhero/villain was in fact the TOP TRUMP! Why you may ask? Well my son tends to cheat when we play TOP TRUMPS, so I therefore felt it only fair for me to get the upper hand in the only way I know how – a top trump analysis!

For this viz I manipulated the dataset using Tableau Prep to get the spreadsheet into a vizzable format which enabled me to create a matrix of categories and present their correlations.

Viz type:

Scatter plot and a data table.


Super hero magic! and a beautifully written blog post by Emily Dowling on how to create linear regression lines in tableau by the information labs data school.

Why did I create the line rather than just use a trend line? Well I wanted to be able to control the colour by significance, seemed a lot of effort but I also learned a ton too.

And that is the point and my reason for doing Cole’s #SWDChallenge.

Colour encoding how to:

Having exported the descriptive data from the standard linear trend (below)

trend_model.pngI sorted the information in excel to highlight significant correlations (95% confidence interval), and created an if statement (below) to use as a colour encoding: significant P-value = Y/pink else N. With a little cheeky added ‘if’ to create an ‘E’ to blank out those categories in the matrix that needed to be hidden. eg where strength = strength etc



A deck of TOP TRUMPS DC Comic cards put into excel, and then a bit of z-scoring to create a league table’esk overall score and ranking.

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