A star is born

A star is born

A star is born | UK Christmas No.1’s from 1952-2017

Interactive viz

Source – Official Charts.com

A viz for #SWDChallenge December 2018 – Lets visualise the holidays!

The concept was to try and present a christmassy styled viz to fit with the brief ‘lets visualise the holidays’, so what better than Christmas No.1’s.


Pretty chuffed with myself for completing all 12 Story Telling with Data challenges in 2018.  Here they all are in a nutshell.


A quick ‘how I constructed the viz’

There are two key components to this viz.

  1. The city silhouette
  2. The Stars

First the city silhouette, nothing too special here, its a simple bar chart with the colour opacity set to 0% and the the text formatted to bottom centre, and float at the bottom of your dashboard


Next the stars.

These aren’t so ‘out of the box’!

  1. Duplicate your data and add a new column called path Order, set the original to ‘0’ and the second underneath it to ‘1’.
  2. Bang out 7 calcs, or copy and paste them! I’ve done a few of these charts now and tend to just go back to my last workbook and copy and paste the calcs in and tweak the ‘radial field’ and bish bash bosh! RADIAL……

I think the original video I watched was this really useful one by super data science

Basically this vid walks you through creating the necessary 7 calculations :


Then throw them on the workbook:


Download my workbook if you would like to see how (and or copy and paste them into your own worksheet).

From there it is, as always, just a bit of faffing……..

  • Each of the floating radial charts (stars) are filtered to a decade bin of the year data.
  • Then faffed about with to make them look a individual, by tweaking the colour, opacity %.
  • A few dashboard actions to make the bands highlight the song city scape and multi highlight when you select a group/artist that has had multiple No.1s

Hope this has been useful. it was a fun one to make. Go on have a play with it in tableau public here

Merry Christmas to one and all.





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