Jisc Train Travel

Interactive viz

Source – manually collected


A viz for #SWDChallenge May 2019 – Artisanal data….

For this months #SWDChallenge I have pulled together my Work Train travel for 2019 up to the end of April. I travel quite a bit for my role as Snr Data & Viz officer and we generally are required to travel for product development meetings, team planning meetings, current project face to face meetings and team working days. Our core team is disparately located around the UK, meaning meet ups are not always quick commutes.

This viz is quite interactive and all the elements are controlled by dashboard actions enabling clicking and filtering of data being viewed in the visual allowing for key figures and visualisation of travel to be understood as you navigate around the viz.

Viz type

This viz pulls in a couple of visualisation elements into the dashboard

  • Box plots – so you can see at a glance the distribution of the travel journey’s and time spent per month per journey.
  • BANS – so you can instantly see the headline figures and travel times (average duration per week/month and total travel time in hrs)
  • Sankey – to visualise the flow from either ‘location’ or ‘reason for travel’ -> location

How if constructed the viz

Here’s a summary of techniques

  • Box plots- nothing special here – just off the peg Tableau box plots with an attention to formatting settings on opacity and labels.
  • BANS – whilst there is nothing special about creating BANS in Tableau the tricky bit here was to accomplish the calculations required to achieve the figures in the formatting required. For this I would like to flag the help I got from Bona Wang on understanding time through an email exchange and later creation of his public blog post on the Information labs blog: How to round time in Tableau
  • Sankey – again my go to is the Information Labs Blog post how to create a sankey without data prep before hand

Thanks for reading