Interactive viz

Source – Plastic Pollution


For Ironviz Europe I decided to take a very simple approach: #TableauKISS stylee. Which for me meant sticking to what I know by aspiring to produce a clean viz that ticked judging criteria of; design, story telling and analysis by KEEPING IT STUPIDLY SIMPLE! No fancy charts, just pretty much out of the box tableau, but focusing on the clarity of design and ease of reading.

Viz Type

  • A line chart with annotations
  • A stacked 100% bar chart with side labels
  • A scatter plot and zoom in with cluster analysis (see how I)
  • A bar chart
  • And a slightly funky bar chart to group to try and create a TOP5


A quick ‘how I constructed the viz’

There really isn’t not much technical stuff happening here, but here’s a summary of the techniques:

  • cluster
  • actions
  • standard formatting, highlights using the box colour

For the cluster zoom in, I have simply floated a second scatter plot above a speech bubble image with an action filter on the clusters to act as a zoom in


How did it do?

TOP10 🙂