Artists with the most No.1 albums on the Official UK Chart

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Source: Official Charts

A is for ARTIST

Over the Christmas dinner table, sprout filled banter took many twists and turns, one such conversation centered over music and Who we thought had, had the most number one albums in the UK chart?

Not one to pass up an opportunity to viz some data, A for Artist was born as the first viz theme to kick off Laura and I’s #Alphabetproject project of 2020.

For my Artist themed viz, I have chosen data included in an article which quantifies which acts or artists have scored the most No.1 Albums in the UK chart history (63 years) and weeks each act or artist has totaled at No.1.

Probably unsurprising that the Beatles nail top spot, with an epic 15 No.1 Albums to their name, debuting the top spot with ‘Please Please Me‘ in 1963. The Beatles have spent a staggering 174 weeks at No.1.

In joint 2nd place Elvis Presley debuted in the UK in 1956 with ‘Elvis Presley Rock n Roll‘ he’s spent 66 weeks in the top spot, second only to the Beatles. Robbie Williams shares this No.2 spot for most number ones with a whopping 13 No.1’s and 36 weeks on top spot overall.

3rd place is reserved for Madonna first hitting top spot with ‘Like a virgin‘ in 1985, currently holding 12 No.1’s and 30 weeks at the top. She was recently overtaken by Adele as female artist with the most weeks at the top.

The Viz

If truth by told, I fancied having a go at a coxcomb chart. I’d not done one before so thought would try and work it into my first viz of 2020. Whilst I am quite aware that this is not the best way I could present this data this project is about having a bit of fun and trying out a few new things (charts) and techniques.

For the Coxcomb, I tried a few different approaches, below are a few documented step by step guides to creating them:

Stay tuned for Laura’s take on ‘A is for ARTIST’ next week on her sparkly new blog

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