The chemistry of firework colours

Interactive viz


For this weeks viz I consulted my youngest, a princess of 4 years old (going on 14).

Dad: “What do you like about fireworks?….”

Princess: “The pretty colours dad! they are magical. What makes them so pretty?”

Dad: “hmmm….fairy dust and unicorn poop”

Princess: “nahhhhhhhhh, your telling porkies!

Ok! she was quite right, I did’t really know to be honest, so I thought I would do a spot of googling and get back to her with a viz.

For this one I utilized the same technique I used for the Shackleton viz image, and if you whizz your mouse over the fireworks it makes them dance about the screen – quite like fireworks going off…… the resulting viz was actually received with a few ‘ohhhh’s’ and ‘ahhh’s’, which I took to be a success, as she isn’t normally interested in what I do to be honest…..

Viz Techniques

  • Pointillism – X Y coordinate generation from .png files – and references – Photo Art in Table


Thanks for reading, any questions or feedback most welcome, please get in touch.

Stay tuned for Laura’s take on ‘F is for Fireworks’ next week on her blog