Interactive viz

W is for Win | Pelé – Career Win, Draw and Losses

Big thanks to #Sportsvizsunday for this dataset and therefore inspiration for this weeks #Alphabetproject viz. To celebrate Pelé’s 80th birthday Rodrigo Calloni kindly provided the team with a dataset containing every game he played.

Data art viz of Pelé using ‘Processing’ to extract .png data points to visualise in Tableau

This dataset was in great shape with plenty of premade measures and a plethora of dimensions to get vizzing with. My only brief this week (with this dataset) was to do something with circles. Whilst I would have been more on point to utilise some typically associated Brazilian colours (Green and Yellow) I really liked the effect of greys with a blue highlight and how it works with the main chart as a whole and the Pelé dot plot image highlight.

Key Techniques for the feature viz

  • A few calcs – mainly to handle the colours, labeling or enable highlight actions
  • Dashboard Actions – to enable highlight if and when Pele scored per game along with highlights for Wins, Draws and Loses.
  • Pelé Imagepointillism technique – George Gorczynski, slightly tweaked (using cutout effect in .ppt) by adding .png behind the dots to strengthen the image detail.
  • Text images (of text with favoured font) brought in for quotes and viz title.

Thanks for reading, any questions or feedback most welcome, please get in touch.

Stay tuned for Laura’s take on ‘W is for Win’ next week on her blog